Behind the scenes; Hingees lookbook shoot

Bringing people together to get stuff done is not one of the easiest things. However, when you are surrounded with amazing folks, a big task seems as easy as flipping through a book page.

I never really thought it would be as interesting as it turned out to be, though we had everything all planned. Earlier in the week, I sent a message to everyone involved – models, art director, photographers, location manager. Sounds like something big? lol… Most of them are friends with whom I’ve done amazing things in the past.

We swung into action as early as 10 a.m. in the morning with the photographers and one model. By mid day, almost everyone was present. Though some models couldn’t make it to the shoot. This posed a big challenge, but thanks to Ayo and his awesome communication skills. We were lucky to have some models just around the corner who accepted our offer. Sometimes, all you need to do is to ask politely, and you might just get what you want or something better.

The session ended with everyone exhausted but happy. Even baby Yusuf could testify. I’m really grateful to the amazing folks who made Hingees’ first photo shoot a success!


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  1. I am uber pumped about this brand. All that you stand for and the progress you have made. In a world and nation where talk is so cheap and staying true to ones value system is almost a myth, seeing people like you do what you do is not just a breath of fresh air but a big power pump encouragement. I celebrate you and wish you the very best! By flying, you give us the courage to fly too!
    1. Wow! Thanks a lot Dammie. Thank you for the kind words, support and the wings...lool. We hope to make this better. You inspire me as well.

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