Balancing between a full time job and side hustles


Often times, people talk about the idea of leaving a full time job to face their side hustles. The honest truth is, you can work full time and still make something great out of your side hustle.

In reality, we all have bills to pay. And knowing that a pay check will always roll in at the end of the month rather than waiting for an uncertain circumstance is a good feeling. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t get caught up in that cloud.

One benefit of getting a monthly paycheck while building something on the side is that it gives you the opportunity to actually concentrate on the value offering which of course, will come with good rewards if done right. Like someone said, “Money flows in the direction of value”. This is the absolute truth.

“Money flows in the direction of value”

In practical terms, think of the most valuable things you ever purchased and ask yourself why you spent so much to acquire it. You probably didn’t think of how much money was leaving your bank account. Your focus was on what you were getting from that purchase. In the same capacity, if you focus on adding more value to what you’re offering in your side hustle, the best bet is that people would be willing to pay for it.

Asides that, there are so many lessons you’ll learn from your full time job. These lessons are not taught in class – Interpersonal skills, management skills, work ethics, discipline and so much more. The bottom line is to try as much as possible to rake in all you can while you’re at your full time job and when the time comes to check out, your instincts will definitely guide you.

~ GoodMan

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