Balancing between a full time job and side hustles

Often times, people talk about the idea of leaving a full time job to face their side hustles. The honest truth is, you can work full time and still make something great out of your side hustle.

In reality, we all have bills to pay. And knowing that a pay check will always roll in at the end of the month rather than waiting for an uncertain circumstance is a good feeling. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t get caught up in that cloud.

One benefit of getting a monthly paycheck while building something on the side is that it gives you the opportunity to actually concentrate on the value offering which of course, will come with good rewards if done right. Like someone said, “Money flows in the direction of value”. This is the absolute truth.

“Money flows in the direction of value”

In practical terms, think of the most valuable things you ever purchased and ask yourself why you spent so much to acquire it. You probably didn’t think of how much money was leaving your bank account. Your focus was on what you were getting from that purchase. In the same capacity, if you focus on adding more value to what you’re offering in your side hustle, the best bet is that people would be willing to pay for it.

Asides that, there are so many lessons you’ll learn from your full time job. These lessons are not taught in class – Interpersonal skills, management skills, work ethics, discipline and so much more. The bottom line is to try as much as possible to rake in all you can while you’re at your full time job and when the time comes to check out, your instincts will definitely guide you.


~ GoodMan



How Paystack has helped in building Hingees

When you enter a store to purchase an item, it’s very easy to go round the aisle, look for what you really love and head straight to the cashier to make your payment and check out.

The process is similar but different with online purchases. Trust is the most essential ingredient for convincing a user to shop online.

In the early days of Hingees, most of the sales were mainly made offline because people wanted to see what they were paying for. However as events developed, spreading the word and selling to multiple people necessitated the need for an online presence.

The easiest solution at the time was to register on a marketplace website. I chose Traclist simply because, its user interface and the shopping experience was seamless. There were only a few steps involved from adding an item to your shopping cart to check out. However, there was a challenge. At the time, Traclist’s policies didn’t allow merchants to connect directly with customers. This was a huge downside because it never allowed me to create the user experience I envisaged.

This fueled my decision to move to the Konga marketplace as it offered merchants the opportunity to connect directly with customers. Regardless of this, something was still missing. The website’s interface didn’t offer the kind of user experience I wanted.

I knew the only way out was to look for a way to sell directly to my customers and allow them a fantastic experience with a good interface.

Having worked in the e-commerce industry for some time, I understood a bit of how the process works. Interswitch was the most readily available option for online payments and it involved a lot of bureaucracy to get things rolling. I wasn’t ready for the stress.

I kept looking for answers and by chance, I spoke with a friend who knew Shola, the CEO of Paystack. Prior to that time, I never knew anything like that existed. I checked out the website and immediately fell in love with its fluid user interface. I had found my business the right home. Registration and integration only took few minutes. There was a demo portal to test how things would work on your website. It was so seamless and super cool to be Nigerian. lol

As I said earlier, trust is one big ingredient for shopping online and is often influenced by good design and ease of use. As a designer, I’ve learned that simple designs provide clarity. It is also quite effective at conveying the intended message. It’s ironic, but our world today is filled with things vying for our attention, that the simplest things end up standing out. Paystack’s payment gateway brought this home for me. It was a beautiful compliment to the simple design of the Hingees website.

The first major test was the 2016 Black Friday sales. We had zero complaints from customers for all transactions that day.

To this day, we’ve processed over half a million Naira in online transactions using Paystack with 95% success rate.

~ GoodMan

5 useful resources to help you grow your small business

The internet doesn’t teach you everything, but it gives you access to a lot of things.  A lot of free things! However, it’s very easy to get carried away when there’s an abundance of resources. Staying focused and keeping things organized can be challenging.

Below are 5 useful resources to help you grow as a small business owner.


1. Wave Accounting

I must admit it’s quite challenging to keep your account up to date as a small business owner and this is one of the greatest impediment to business growth, especially for startups. One of the most difficult aspects of starting a business is keeping track of numbers in terms sales, purchases, income, expenditure etc. Hiring a professional accountant can also be very costly. Wave is a free online tool that helps you take care of your accounting needs. It’s simple, very intuitive and can be specifically customized to suit your business needs. One big plus is the fact that your data is backed up online and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

Wave Accounting

2. Edx, Udemy, and Udacity

Getting educated has gone beyond being physically present within the four walls of a university. With a good computer and access to the internet, you can get a quality education from any part of the world. What’s more interesting is that you have access to different lecturers and professionals from ivy league schools. The times are interesting.
edX, Udemy and Udacity are open online course providers. They host online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, including some courses at no charge.



3. Unsplash

The ultimate archive of free photos. Images play a big role in communication. Unsplash is a collection of beautiful photos curated by people around the world. The photos are free for commercial and personal projects.




4. Canva

The importance of good design in branding and marketing cannot be overemphasized. Canva makes design simple for everyone. From simple social media post designs to creating a brand identity style guide.




5. Google Keep and Google Drive

A lot of the tools we use these days are digitized. Flash drives and Hard disk drives are amazing options to back up and store your files, but they may get lost or damaged. The cloud is the new cool. Google Drive is a safe place for all your files (photos, videos, documents) and puts them within reach from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Google keep allows you to quickly capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right place or time. You can also speak a voice memo on the go and have it automatically transcribed.

Working with artisans

5 Smart ways to handle business dealings with artisans

I’m quite certain you’ve been disappointed by an artisan at some point. From the tailor who promised heaven on earth, to the carpenter that used inferior materials to produce the furniture he swore your friends would envy. Dealing with people like this can be very frustrating.
You see, the problem here is not expertise; it’s attitude to work. Most artisans fail to pay attention to details, forgetting that it’s the little things that make the difference.
In this part of the world, many craftspersons aren’t enthusiastic about their jobs. They do not work for the passion. Rather, they do for basic survival and this is an issue. Here are a few guides to working seamlessly with artisans.



Make your mark

Two books that shaped my perspective on business

Not everyone has the opportunity to attend a business school before starting out an enterprise. As such, books are a great resource for learning just about anything. Reading is like traveling around the world without a visa but through the eyes and minds of others.

Honestly, I’m not much of an avid reader because I’m very choosy about what I read. My design background has heavily influenced my collections; this is why I’m more interested in books that bother mostly on creativity and sometimes African literature.

As one of the plans to mark Hingees’ second READ MORE


A simple and easy way to overcome procrastination

No matter how driven or focused we are, it can be very difficult to find a way around taking the first step on herculean tasks which often leads to procrastination.

The bigger a project looks, the easier it becomes to put it aside for another time. Most times, the problem lies in overestimating what we can do in one go over what can be achieved over a long period. Think about one small action you can take to move your project forward and give it a shot. Soon enough, you’ll be on the path to completion.

Also, it’s very important to avoid being a perfectionist. Quality is vital, but trying to make everything perfect can get you discouraged.

Start small and grow big.



Value Bank – It’s not always about money

Launching a business with little or no funds can be scary, but the truth is you don’t need so much money. Sometimes, the right set of people around you with something to offer in return for a service is the most valuable capital you can possess.

It’s important to note that you can’t get it right all at once. Big businesses may have lots of cash to throw around compared to SMEs, so they can afford to hire professional photographers for a product shoot for instance. But for small businesses, every penny is a big deal.READ MORE

The Spark Series

Deep down in our hearts we all have something we hope to achieve someday. Whether it’s a new skill, setting a new record or even launching a business idea that could solve a lot of problems.

Often times, there’s a kind of resistance that holds us back from making that leap. In truth, everyone who has achieved greatness in their field / life was scared at a point. It’s very natural to have that fear of uncertainty.

Like someone said, “Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid, it means you don’t let fear stop you.”

It’s way better to burn out while trying than to fade away without giving it a shot. So, don’t just stand there. START doing something.


Behind the scenes; Hingees lookbook shoot

Bringing people together to get stuff done is not one of the easiest things. However, when you are surrounded with amazing folks, a big task seems as easy as flipping through a book page.

I never really thought it would be as interesting as it turned out to be, though we had everything all planned. Earlier in the week, I sent a message to everyone involved – models, art director, photographers,READ MORE

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